Google reveal new AdWords Display Panel



Viewing all of your ad campaigns on AdWords has been made easier with the new and improved Google Display Panel. The refined system helps unify all the display tools in the same location, making it easier to examine your audiences’ behaviour and plan advertising strategy.

The three original display tools – the Contextual Targeting Tool, Placement Tool and Google Ad Planner – have been integrated into the new Google Display Panel. With this, everything you need to modify a successful campaign becomes simpler and aspects such as display network keywords, placements, topics and interests can all be quickly identified.

In addition, by entering ideal demographics and existing websites associated with your preferred audience, the new Display Panel will pinpoint the most relevant pages to position your new ad campaigns. Suggestions of further targeting ideas can take the guesswork out of starting new ads and increase efficiency.

With the easier platform to analyse and begin new AdWords campaigns, the Google Display Panel is something to look into for both experienced and new users.

How to Use Google Display Panel

When logged into your AdWords account, the Display Panel can be found in ‘Tools and Analysis’ menu.

Google needs information on which areas your customers are interested in; this can be input in the form of keywords or phrases. Enter the landing page of your website also; this is so the Display Panel can find relevant suggestions of where to place your ads. For a more definite campaign then select your target country and language in order to get going.

Now, new ad groups can be created with the keywords and interests Google has suggested. These can be modified to suit your requirements and also viewed in a more accessible manner to help you analyse results. For example, text ads, mobile ads and different image data can all be filtered.

Further Advice

For current AdWords users who operate with a Google Ad Planner, this will be withdrawn in September. Google’s advice is to save any existing media plans and site lists so they can be utilised in the future. For AdPlanner users, check out the Guide to the Display Planner for further advice on the new Display Panel.

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