5 Steps to a Better PPC Quality Score


Quality score has a huge impact on how effective and costly your PPC campaigns are. It’s Google’s way of ranking the quality and relevance of your keywords and ads. So, if you have a poor quality score, you’ll pay more for adverts that will rank lower on the search engines.

Here are 5 ways you can improve your quality score and benefit from lower PPC costs and higher ad rankings:

1: Know Your Keywords

Before you even begin to think about writing ad copy, you need to do some thorough keyword research. Keywords are Google’s Modus Operandi, their bread and butter, the foundation on which most SEO strategies are built. PPC is no different.

A large part of how Google determines relevance is through keywords. Including them in your ad copy will help ensure your ad turns up in the right search results. Not sure which keywords to target? Get involved with Google’s Keyword Planner.

2: Negatives are a Positive

Negative keywords may sound dire, but when you add them to a PPC campaign they optimise your chances of a click-through. Here is Google’s nicely succinct definition of a negative keyword:

“A type of keyword that prevents your ad from being triggered by a certain word or phrase.”

Negative keywords allow you to eliminate the risk of placing in irrelevant search queries and streamline your campaign, saving you money along the way.

3: Group your Keywords and Ads by Theme

Organise your keywords – relevant and negative – into groups. Each group should have its own theme, for example individual product types or attributes. The more specific and tailored a group, the better chance you have of laser-focused search returns. In addition, Google rewards this kind of relevant, efficient, browser-friendly organisation with a higher quality score.

4: Test Every Campaign

Some ads will perform better than others, even if you spend the same amount of time painstakingly researching and writing each one. This is why it’s important to split-test your ads by running two at the same time and monitoring their performance.

Through split-testing you can refine your content to produce more effective ads. Effective ads naturally have a higher click-through rate (CTR), and an impressive CTR will better your quality score.

5: Optimise your Landing Page

A high bounce rate can seriously impair your score, so create a landing page that your prospects won’t want to leave. Keep it simple and easy to skim read; short paragraphs and a few web-friendly images are ideal.

Above all, produce content that your prospects expect to find – don’t promise one thing in your ad and deliver another on the landing page.

Do you need PPC assistance?

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