10 Common Google Adwords Blunders


With a savvy approach and careful management, Google Adwords can bring relevant, targeted traffic to your website.

But many companies fail to run their campaigns effectively, wasting time, money and sales opportunities in the process.

Here are 10 common Google Adwords blunders to learn from:

1. Failing to target different audiences.

Don’t use the same advert for every audience: tailor your adverts according to the potential customer.

2. Overuse of broad match keywords.

Instead, opt for exact match or phrase match to make your ads more precise and cost-effective.

3. Failing to exclude keywords.

Make use of the negative keywords option to stipulate which results are irrelevant to your business.

4. Neglecting to test your ads.

Some adverts work better than others – don’t forget to find out which.

5. Focusing on positions 1 and 2.

Clicks on ads in position 3, 4 or 5 are more deliberate, and more likely to convert into paying custom.

6. Forgetting competitor analysis.

Scout out the activity of your competitors, and tweak your campaign accordingly.

7. Expecting the world from a small budget.

If you lack a sizable ad spend, don’t expect masses of sales or a huge awareness drive. With PPC advertising, money talks.

8. Linking to an irrelevant page.

Your advert alone will not provide conversions – so link to a relevant page and make your website do the hard work.

9. Leaving your ad campaign to run on and on.

Without daily monitoring, your ad could prove an expensive mistake.

10. Failing to measure success.

You need to know how your ad is performing by setting up conversions in analytics.

Get it right, and Google Adwords can drive relevant traffic to your website, boosting sales and enquiries in the process. Avoid falling foul of these common Adwords blunders, and you are well on your way to enjoying PPC success.

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