YouTube: Expand Your Paid Search Campaign

By Banc

2 min read

As Google paid search becomes continually more saturated and CPCs increase, businesses are diversifying their PPC strategy with YouTube video ad campaigns. YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine and 3rd most visited website worldwide and is continuing to grow, and ‘how-to’ searches are up 70% year on year with mobile searches now surpassing desktop.


The vibrancy and immediacy of YouTube video content has led to the rise of YouTube vloggers who have a captive audience in the millions across a range of categories such as:

  • Beauty – Zoella, who has over 8 million subscribers
  • Home Improvement – LaurDIY and her 2 million subscribers
  • Fitness – BeFit with nearly 2 million users
  • Education – the hugely popular TedTalks channel with 3.5 million subscribers

Intelligent advertisers are incorporating this market into their advertising campaigns creating audiences as broad or as niche as needed with the excellent targeting options available.



YouTube video ad targeting mirrors Google Display options:

  • Keyword – managed the same way as Google search, targeting people actively searching for content relevant to your business
  • Placements – target specific videos, YouTube channels including competitors, and channels for associated products
  • Topic – Videos within specific Google categories and sub-categories
  • Remarketing – Target users based on their engagement with your videos and YT channel. YouTube remarketing lists can also be targeted in AdWords on Google Search
  • Interest targeting – affinity audience (people who have shown an interest in product) and in-market audience (strong interest and likely to generate a conversion)


These targeting options can be combined with demographic options to ensure your ads are shown to exactly the right market, based on age group and gender.


Ad Formats

There are four different ad options for YouTube, two of which are for desktop only: display and overlay ads. The two ad formats which will appear on both desktop and mobile devices are

  • Skippable video ads – The in-video play ads allow users to skip after 5 secs and you will only be charged if a user watches 15 seconds of your video. These appear on all devices including games consoles
  • Long form non-skippable ads – These are in-video play ads which may be up to 30 seconds long and cannot be skipped. These are available for desktop and mobile.

Recently Google announced that they would be introducing TrueView For Shopping ads with integration with the Merchant Centre allowing advertisers to dynamically add product ads into their videos


Video Creatives Best Practices

  • Make your video memorable so that people will want to share
  • Have a strong start – you only have a short amount of time to engage the viewer
  • Have clear call to actions and strong incentives – what do you want the user to do?
  • Make use of the high volume of smartphone searches focusing on mobile-friendly actions such as ‘download an app’, ‘call today’, ‘share on social media’
  • Test different messages and optimise regularly

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