Work Experience Will’s Last Day

By Banc Digital

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My time at Banc Media is drawing to a close. I can honestly say it has been an amazing experience! The vibe in the office is amazing: no pressure, cool tunes, happy employees. My time here at Banc will definitely be something to remember. I have learnt so much over the past 8 days and I have broadened my horizons. I would definitely say it was a big change from school. The working hours, the people and the work are all hugely different to my usual day. However, it would be lying if I said it was a bad change.


Will Leaving

I have a good understanding of how PPC and SEO work and how they are different. When I first started, I had no clue what they were! I feel as though what I have learnt about online marketing has not been forced, I feel as though every time I talk to each employee I add to my knowledge and at the end of my work experience I understand much more.

If people were to to ask me questions about PPC, SEO or content marketing, I feel that I could answer it quite comfortably. The work I’ve done here at Banc has varied, allowing me to practice a lot of new skills. From creating a website for an online store to creating my own blog post for content marketing on a variety of clients in various sectors; I have complete a lot of work.

Everyone in the office is a joy to work with and anyone that gets a job here: let me tell you, you are very lucky! It truly is a pleasure. I would like to thank the entire Banc team for taking me under their wing and teaching me new things. A special thanks to Neil Birchall and Martin Cozens for allowing me to do my work experience here. Just to say my thanks I bought everyone doughnuts for the last day. I don’t think anyone was disappointed! As I said in my first blog, Banc isn’t your average office, IT’S THE BEST OFFICE!

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