Work Experience Girl – Week 2!

By Banc Digital

2 min read

As the last day of my Banc Media experience draws to an end I’ve got an awful lot to reflect on. I have learnt a lot from the team and have had a blast working with them all.

After handing over my Cruise 1st project to Neil this week, he was so pleased with my work that he gave me more tasks to complete for the company’s different campaigns, including their website in Australia. He asked me to do some research for Cruise Australia’s website blog, reporting on anything exciting that was happening in the world of cruises.

As such I completed a blog for their page of news updates, which should be added very soon.

Neil also gave me the task of creating a quarterly review for another client, Kaplan Finance. Considering there was a certain amount of analysis required for this task I really enjoyed getting stuck into picking apart the graphs and charts that I had created. My analysis skills acquired from 6 years of studying history came into great use!

Head of PPC, Emma also gave me some work to do on different company campaigns including The Fragrance Shop, Lufthansa and Cruise 1st. This involved creating new Ad groups for new campaigns that clients wanted adding to their accounts and as such expanding their keyword lists. I was also involved in creating new ad campaigns for The Fragrance Shop and Cruise 1st promoting current deals and offers on their products.

The ad campaign I worked on the most was for Banc Media’s client Orchard, a creative recruitment company based in Manchester. I was asked to extend their marketing recruitment campaign, which involved creating more keywords in line with the ad campaigns in order to increase interest in their marketing jobs. I enjoyed this task as Emma gave me enough information on what the client needed and left me to come up with the ads and adwords by myself, which meant I was fairly independent.

Overall, I have to say that working with Banc Media has given me invaluable experience. Not only have I been introduced to a whole new industry and new software, but being involved within such a successful business has set the standard for my own success. Moreover, Banc Media’s high standard has also set my expectations high for other businesses that I may be involved with in the future.

I thank Banc Media for this experience and wish them even more success. And good luck finding someone who makes better tea!

Leanne Edwards
Work Experience Girl!