Video: An Apprentice’s Journey in Online Marketing

By Banc Digital

2 min read

It’s really hard to believe that 5 months have passed since I started my apprenticeship here at Banc Media… 5 months, that’s crazy!

I guess for most people the initial excitement would wear off after a couple of weeks but for me every day here is still as exciting as ever. I am constantly learning new things and gaining skills that will definitely benefit me greatly in the future.

Recently I was approached by Arch to be a part of a case study as one of their apprentices. I wasn’t too sure about it at first but my line manager, Joe, convinced me to do it. It was then that I found out Arch wanted to make a video, entirely about my experiences as an apprentice. It definitely came as a surprise but I was already excited about it at that point so I agreed to it.

Over the next couple of weeks I’ve stayed in contact with Marissa Yesin, who used to be an apprentice at Arch but is now employed full-time by a video production company. We agreed on a date for her to come down to Manchester to film the video and then it just happened.

Marissa was great and very professional. She came in and set everything up for our video. We filmed my interview first; I basically spoke about my time here at Banc and my apprenticeship as a whole. She also wanted to interview my line manager to find out his thoughts about having me here as an apprentice.

After the interview bit was over she wanted us to get back to work so she could film us just getting on with our everyday tasks. That was it really. She told us that the video was going to be ready in a couple of weeks and left to catch her train back to London.

It was an amazing experience as I got to talk about my time as an apprentice and hopefully show people, who are possibly considering being one, how rewarding it can be.

I am very thankful to everyone at Banc for making my time here so exciting. I gain new skills every day and working with such amazing people is a pleasure.