Using the new Instagram Video service for your brand

By Banc Digital

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Barely a week after launching, it appears that Instagram Video is already smashing Twitter’s Vine out of the water in the war to attract the world’s biggest brands to their apps.

Simply Measured counted that during the first seven days post-launch, 14 of Interbrand’s top 100 global brands posted videos on the new Instagram Video service.

Meanwhile, during the same seven-day period, only seven of the top brands posted clips using Vine’s app.

So, who are Instagram Video’s early adopters?

Ford, MTV, Disney, Burberry, Starbucks and Gap are just six of the 14 big brands already using and posting to the new Instragram Video service.

Another brand of note is The American Licorice Co., who are notorious early adopters when it comes to new social media platforms.   Soon after Instagram Video’s unveiling last month, the company had already posted a video ‘advert’ showcasing how their liquorice “makes the day so sweet no matter where it takes you.”

Why is Instagram Video appealing to brands?

Instragram’s longer length videos are a real selling point for the service.  The 15-second time limit gives brands time to put their point across, and to showcase new products and services.

In an article on The Guardian’s Technology Apps blog, Alex Wills, group director, digital studio at digital advertising agency R/GA is quoted as saying:

“Instagram’s 15 second format lends itself really well to ads – it’s no mistake that the length is the same as a standard television commercial”

“Instagram’s emphasis on control means you can delete cuts, create longer videos and choose your thumbnail for more beautiful, considered content – brands can really take advantage of this”

For large brands with an established design or marketing team, quickly editing a 15 second advert video won’t prove much of a hassle, nor will it cost a lot of money to produce.

Plus, if the brand already has thousands of followers on the Instagram, they can easily reach them with their message.

So, what can brands learn from this?  Is signing up to Instagram video a good idea for your business?

Yes and no. Because it’s not a clear-cut one-size-fits-all answer, we’ve put together a list of pros and cons so you can decide for yourselves:

PRO:  Let’s not forget that Facebook own Instagram.  If your business already has a substantial Facebook following, adding Instagram videos to your page will help to increase engagement.  Rachel Tipograph, director of global digital and social media for Gap told Mashable that:

“The way to get engagement with Facebook is large imagery.  The fact that Instagram videos are going to publish to Facebook in the same way a photo does means we are going to see huge engagement. I’m really excited about that.”

Publishing an Instagrammed video to your page’s followers is a fantastic way to showcase new products, highlight new offers or just generally increase engagement.

CON:  For most business owners, wobbly camera phone-filmed clips and unprofessionally edited videos are probably out of the question for representing your brand.  As such, you might wish to get a professional involved.  And that’s going to cost money.

PRO:  Video enables you a little creativity, providing your brand with room to experiment – and hopefully – produce a clip that’s well shared.  Find a winning formula and you may find yourself attracting heaps of new business while growing brand awareness.  The “Will It Blend” YouTube series by BlendTech is frequently cited as a fantastic example of video virality and thinking-outside-the-box creativity.

Do you think Instagram Video could work as part of a digital marketing campaign? Have you used it yet? Let us know in the comments.