Top Tip PPC – Negative Keywords List

By Banc

2 min read

One of the most wasteful areas of an Adwords Pay Per Click campaign is leakage from the Broad and Phrase Match options.

The Negative keyword List therefore is as important as your main keyword list. We find on every new customer campaign audit that we carry out that we can save on average 15-20% of the campaign budget just from adding a comprehensive Negative Keyword List. The words in this list will ensure that your ads do not appear when the terms are searched on, therefore you will not incur a cost from Google.

Why do we need to create a Negative Keyword List?
When setting up an Adwords campaign you are able to utilise the Keyword Match products to attain reach, without having to think of every variant of keyword phrase.

For example, our client Cruise 1st has the keyword “mediterranean cruise” on Phrase match so that they also appear when someone types in “mediterranean sea cruise”. But we include the negative “free” to deflect irrelevant website traffic and click costs.

This ensures that the ad is not presented when someone searches for a free cruise to the mediterranean. It is even more important when using the Broad Match system as this can present your ad against highly irrelevant keywords, for example “mediterranean” or “cruise control”.

Exact, Phrase and Broad Match.
You should always use a good mix of Exact, Phrase and Broad match keywords. This way you can maximise reach while optimising costs. Just be sure that you create a comprehensive Negative Keyword List at the start and then continue to monitor your campaign for those irrelevant keywords that are incurring click costs and add those as you go along.

Adding negtive keywords improves campaign quality score, in turn reducing the overall Cost Per Click or returning additional revenue.

To add a negative keyword, just add ‘-’ before the keyword e.g. ‘-cruise control’. You can also do this at Campaign Level.