The Blog is Back

By Banc Digital

2 min read

…And we’re back! I’m back blogging after a short break, but don’t worry, I’ve been using the time wisely. We’ve been working harder than ever to deliver outstanding results to our clients and we’ve also begun work for more clients that expect the same kind of positive results.

First things first: Banc Media can now proudly call itself an RAR recommended agency. For those of you who are not familiar with this recognition, only agencies which have been highly rated by at least three of their clients in the last twelve months are added to the prestigious Recommended Agencies Register, and Banc Media is now one of them! Our clients have independently and secretly rated us and following this, we have been awarded this title which we’re very pleased with.

Secondly, we have gained more clients, and we would like to welcome and assure them all of our full commitment and dedication to delivering the highest possible ROI for their business.

Now, more about me. I feel I progressed quite a lot since I began my employment on August 5th in terms of my understanding of the SEM world. Not only have I gained invaluable know-how on this subject, but I also learnt more about the Client Services department, from taking part in conference calls, to actively addressing customer’s queries by email, or even by taking part in meetings. Each of these made me more confident and I hope that pretty soon I’ll move onto the next stage, when I’ll be given a bigger role in managing client relationships.

I am aware that in my previous weekly blog posts, I was emphasising the Pay Per Click knowledge that I had learned. Well, in the last few weeks I have begun focusing more on the SEO side of the business. Thanks to the great guys (and girls) in our SEO department, I now know why having a static URL is better than a dynamic one and how to generate static URLs.  I was also taught how to find key details about a website and how to improve it. I learned a great deal about the importance of having targeted Title and Meta Descriptions Tags on the website as well as effectively using Google’s Webmaster Tools. I now truly realise how massive and complex the SEM world is, but luckily, the entire Banc Media team of SEM specialists is here, ready to guide me and answer all my questions.

I must finish now, but not before urging you to keep on following our blogs, or for a 24 hour update, follow us on Twitter @bancmedia.

Monica Cozma