The Bing It On Challenge

By Banc Digital

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bing it on

Back in July we were talking about the launch of Windows 8.1 & the new system working in conjunction with the Bing search engine. At the time, we saw this as a good opportunity for Microsoft to claw back some of the market from the super-power that is Google.

As we all know, Google currently enjoys a market share in the UK between 85% and 90%. Interestingly, in the US, their share is thought to be around 65%. Microsoft are therefore keen to assert a greater influence in the UK market, and their latest stunt could possibly be their most impressive and extravagant attempt so far!

Allow us to introduce ‘Bing It On’ – Bing vs. Google. Let battle commence!

Bing It On 2

‘Bing It On’ invites users to compare its search results against the one’s displayed in Google rankings. Users visiting are asked to complete a search engine query, much like any other. The idea is for Microsoft to blind test its Bing search engine against Google. Once a user has conducted their search query, they are displayed two sets of live results, one from Google and the other from their own platform. You are then asked to vote on which set of search results you prefer; the results on the left, the results on the right or if you cant decide, you can call it a draw. ‘Bing It On’ then ask you to complete this process another four times before revealing the best out of five results. Who wins? You decide.

Bing It On 3

Before launching to the masses, Microsoft tested their idea by conducting a survey of 1,000 British adults, with the results skewing slightly in favour of Bing. 53% of users chose Bing search results more often, 34% preferring the Google results & 13% of people choosing Bing & Google results an equal number of times.

Although Google remain unfazed by the ongoing threat from Bing, Dublin based company StatCounter recently reported that the Google UK market share is currently 88.8% in the UK, down from 91.4% this time 12 months ago. Their report also shows a rise in the Bing share from 4.3% to 6.7% over the same period.

Microsoft are hoping that by creating an environment that pits themselves head-to-head against Google, it will encourage more users in the UK pick them for real when it comes to a genuine search query. Their strategy may seem risky, but if anything it goes along way to display their confidence in their own product.

So what are you waiting for? Why not ‘Bing It On’ yourself and see what you think.