Team Profile: Neil Birchall


The Uncle Phil of Warrington, Operations Director Neil Birchall is a businessman, father figure and hip hop influencer in equal measure. With a pot of beard wax always to hand and an impossibly large collection of tailored shirts, rumours have started to circulate that Neil replaced his computer monitor with a mirror sometime in mid-2015.

One of the few remaining supporters of the exclamation ‘mint!’, Neil can sometimes be found saying it, and sometimes thinking it.

Recently, much of Neil’s time has been spent channelling his inner Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen and moving Banc from the old office we’d outgrown to a sparkling new residence. Not content with providing just a suitable working space for 20+ digital marketers, Neil bestowed the new quarters with a selection of pub games, breakout spaces and Jackson 5 artwork. Since moving in midway through February 2017, all client meetings now kickstart with Neil’s famous office tour, from the reception to the hot tub grotto.

neil portrait

However, Neil’s greatest triumph is, perhaps, the complete devotion he has inspired in his Labrador/Rhodesian Ridgeback cross, Mac. He has managed to convert a dog, originally bred to hunt African lions, into an adorably docile chap willing to wear a novelty tie for Bring Your Dog to Work Day.

The first ever winner of the Banc pool league, Neil owes much of his prowess to misspent years spent as a pool shark in the youth clubs of Warrington, shaking year 10s down for their dinner money. His trademark shot, the ‘Birchall Bomb’ includes a slight bump to the table with a thigh to nudge his balls into more favourable positions.

Here is how Neil feels about working at Banc.

“Since co-founding Banc in 2008, I have been delighted to see the company grow from a fledgeling start-up to a multi-faceted digital marketing agency, made up of talented and conscientious individuals. The team spirit and togetherness exhibited daily makes me incredibly proud.”

Neil is currently trying to identify more pub games which he can introduce to the Banc office, following the successful installations of the pool and ping pong tables. Current frontrunners include skittles and ringing the bull.

Quick Facts

  • Neil owes his great posture to his favourite childhood hide and seek hiding place, a square phone box
  • Neil has continued ‘pinch, punch, first of the month’ well into his late 30s
  • He double dips Doritos
  • Believes the holiday only starts when you take a picture of an airport beer with a thumbs up in the foreground
  • Neil hides his copy of the Toploader album, Onka’s Big Moka, inside the vehicle handbook in his car’s glove compartment
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