Team Profile: Nadia Latif

By Banc Digital

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Eschewing the stereotypes which sit burdensome upon the shoulders of many students, Content Marketing Manager Nadia Latif manages to combine studying for her master’s degree with not boasting about her travels.Despite fulfilling a decade-long ambition to attain a postgraduate qualification, Nadia has not quite managed to prise herself away from Banc Media. When briefly Nadia Latif, Content Marketing Directorconsidering completely leaving her post at Banc, Nadia became a nervous wreck.

Despite the office being barely 40 miles from the Welsh border, Nadia is the sole Welsh national in the Banc Media team. When not listening to Tom Jones and the Welsh Male Voice Choir, Nadia enjoys looking after Manchester’s most timid cat, Busey, and cleaning up after the DIY misadventures of her fiancé, Mark.

Nadia left her native Wales for the bright lights of London to study English Literature and pursue a career in the media. After seven long years in the capital, she finally caved in to the urge to move up north in order to experience the taste sensations of pease pudding and sad cakes.

Living with roughly 24 other people in Rusholme’s busiest house, Nadia has developed a love and skill for cooking huge, complex meals – her specialities include Persian and North African cuisines.

Here’s how Nadia feels about working with the Banc Media team:

“I was slightly worried that moving up north would mean less interesting work – thankfully I was proved very wrong! Manchester has a fantastic and engaged digital community, and (obviously I’m biased here) I couldn’t imagine working anywhere but Banc. The growing Content Marketing Team make me very proud, and my other colleagues are so chilled and professional – it’s a great place to work.”

Nadia is currently trying to fit managing a team of five at Banc Media with completing a master’s degree and planning her own wedding. We can only speculate what she will look like next September when the latter two are complete.

Quick Facts

  1. Nadia is asked if she knows Tom Jones, all the time
  2. Sometime since 2013, Nadia’s use of hashtags has switched from ironic to genuine
  3. She can’t even remember Ed Tudor-Pole taking over as The Crystal Maze presenter
  4. Nadia knows Tom Jones
  5. Nadia always tries to sing the title of a TV show to the melody of its theme tune

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