Team Profile: Martin Cozens


Our fierce, fabulous leader; Banc’s Managing Director, Martin Cozens, founded the business in 2009 with long-time friend, Neil Birchall. Deciding a global recession was the perfect time to start an agency dependent upon securing the custom of fiscal businesses, Martin has had to employ all of his charm and all of his good graces to build Banc from the ground up.

Prior to founding Banc, Martin was the lead account manager at one of the UK’s largest digital agencies. More interesting, however, were the roles he filled before that, including a position in the Caribbean he claims “may or may not have inspired Tom Cruise’s character in Cocktail.”

Martin Couzens

Invariably the first on the dancefloor at a wedding; Martin will always forgo pretence and cynicism in the pursuit of good clean fun. And, much to the horror of his family (in particular his teenage daughter), this pursuit of fun can, and will, include attempting the Single Ladies choreography.

A purveyor of the finest dad jokes, Martin finds his gags get better with age, much like a bottle of vintage Blue Nun. A favourite of his at the moment includes repeating the mantra ‘Cheaper by the Cozen’ when he secures a multi-buy discount at the supermarket.

Ever the devoted Sunderland AFC fan, proud Mackem Martin continues to follow his beloved team despite their recent back-to-back relegations. Fortunately for Martin, as the man in charge of annual bonuses, he has not faced much Monday-morning grief despite his team winning only 13 of their last 84 games.

Here’s how Martin feels about life at Banc: “It’s close to a decade since I started Banc with Neil, and I could not be more proud of the way the team has developed over the last 10 years. We have extended the number of services we provide, have attracted some huge brands, and have built up a team of brilliantly-talented individuals. I am so excited about what the future will bring for Banc over the next 10 years and beyond.”

Martin is currently developing an automated system which updates employees’ annual bonuses dependent upon the number of quips an individual makes about the misfortune of Sunderland’s football team during that calendar year.

Quick Facts:

  • In his teens, Martin and a family member formed an electro-dance duo named The Kissing Cozens
  • Martin very nearly chose Kylie Minogue over his wife, having once shared a long steamy glance with the princess of pop
  • His biggest regret in life was trying to dislodge a stray frisbee which landed in a tree with a football. The football inevitably lodged in the tree, too
  • “Cozens 1, Branson 0” was Martin’s cry when a Virgin Trains mix-up entitled him to two free meals and two miniature wines during a journey to London Euston
  • “Cozens 1, Branson 1” was Richard’s response when the Times UK Rich List was released

If you’d like to chat to Martin about what Banc could do for your business, drop him an email:

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