Team Profile: Juan Mora Romero

By Banc

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Digital executive, Juan Mora Romero, undertook the reverse trip made by many British retirees, swapping sunny southern Spain for dour Manchester two years ago. Arriving to study for his Master’s in digital marketing, Juan was quickly scooped up by the omnipresent Banc recruitment machine.

Now fully Mancunian, Juan often opens client emails with ‘Y’alright ar kid?’ and signs off with ‘sound, yeah? – Juan’. Additionally, he’s developed a real skill for renting accommodation owned by terrible landlords – a rite of passage for any aspiring Manc.

Putting the rest of the office’s males to shame with his beard-growing prowess, Juan maintains a thicker, longer and darker covering of facial hair than all the other members of Banc’s beard-growing fraternity. And this is despite shaving it off completely every other weekend when his girlfriend comes to visit from Barcelona.

Juan Mora Romero, Content Marketing Executive

Since moving to Manchester, Juan has learned where roughly 80% of the city’s taxi driver population have been to on holiday in Spain. When entering a taxi, Juan now knows to expect to hear about his driver’s 2009 trip to Gran Canaria, and exasperated questions of ‘why would you leave Spain for here?’ within the first 90 seconds of the journey.

It has not all been plain sailing for Juan since joining Banc, however. Since revealing his keen interest in photography, Juan is now the designated photographer for all Banc nights outs and events. So, when his colleagues get merry on margaritas and 9.2% craft ales; Juan is forced to restrain himself slightly and simply capture the disgrace on show.

Fortunately, this is slightly comforting to Juan, learning that Brits don’t reserve embarrassing drunken behaviour to just when they are on their holidays. It’s Wednesday to Sunday, most weeks.

Here is how Juan feels about working at Banc.

“I joined Banc when I was doing my Master’s, and I have developed most of my Digital Marketing skills here. Being surrounded by such a great group has helped me to grow as a professional. But if I had to highlight something from Banc, it would be high morals and respect, I’m glad to be part of this amazing environment.”

Juan is currently trying to convince the office intern to try her hand at photography, so he can play catch up at the next Banc drinks do.

Quick Facts

  • Juan’s trademark lunchtime ham and sausage on white bloomer sandwich has been dubbed ‘The Juandwich’
  • With no TV licence in his homeland, Juan cannot comprehend that we willingly pay for BBC shows such as Bargain Hunt, Doctors and Deep Down & Dirty: The Science of Soil
  • Nothing makes Juan cringe like those people who clap when a plane lands
  • Juan was named for Spain’s version of TV detective, Jonathan Creek – Juan Arroyo
  • Juan maintains that the poop emoji is chocolate ice cream, regularly disgusting his girlfriend when sending his dessert suggestions