Team Profile: Jonathan Tuplin


With the poise, stature and stoicism of a colonial period Lieutenant General, copywriter Jonathan occupies his position in the corner of the writers’ room with a gravitas not matched by the rest of the rabble.

Plucked from the bosom of the leisure and travel industry, Jonathan cut his teeth writing endless descriptions of Lake District rental properties. It was here that he developed his skill for lifting archaic adjectives from the annals of history to describe modern phenomena such as ‘agonous Wi-Fi routers’ and ‘niveous latte froth’.


The reluctant owner of nicknames ‘Tuppers’ and ‘JT’, Jonathan started life with a more horticultural bent. As a keen participant in Driffield’s annual sunflower growing competition, Jonathan bestowed the same love and care on his seedlings that he now dedicates to Contact Us landing page content – with the same delightful results.

As an extra treat for the Tuppers fan base, I have managed to dig out Jonathan’s original cover letter and application to work for Banc, from the halcyon days of January 2015, in which he details the exact reason he applied to join the company.

“Banc seems like a lovely company to work for – my girlfriend was besotted with the pooch on your Twitter feed – and I’d love to be given the opportunity to write for you.”

And yet, Mac the dog is still to receive his finder’s fee for bringing JT on board.

Here’s how Jonathan feels about working at Banc:

“Having previously worked in-house, joining Banc has been challenging but rewarding. Writing content for a mix of clients means there’s rarely a dull day in the office (save for the odd landing page stack), and it’s great to see the company growing.”

Jonathan is currently working on his copywriter self-help book, ‘How to Write at Least 300 Words for Every Single Page on the Web’.

Quick Facts

  • To save time, Jonathan refers to TV property show ‘Location, Location, Location’ as simply ‘Location’ with a slight flourish of his hand to signify the continuation of the title
  • As a child, Jonathan rubbed out and adjusted his height on the family’s kitchen wall height marker. According to the adjusted height marker, he was 5’10’’ at the age of nine
  • Jonathan loves to order a Guinness last, just to wind up the bar staff
  • Switching between pronunciations whenever he feels like it, Jonathan has no interest in the ‘Scone or Scone’ debate
  • After meeting him in April 2016, Jonathan still describes Alan Titchmarsh as the nicest bloke he’s ever met

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