Team Profile: Charlie Whitworth


The Danny Dyer of the Cotswolds, SEO Director Charlie Whitworth is the affable, approachable face of Banc’s technical team. Assuming the role of surrogate father to younger, fresher-faced members of the SEO crew, Charlie has helped nurture the talent in his department with a kindness seldom shown in digital marketing.

Three years spent studying in Chester provided a young Charles Whitworth with the opportunity to learn the business secrets of the Romans. Bringing his accumulative knowledge to Banc, Charlie’s arrival made it clear that the ancient Romans valued a digital approach which combined tight technical stewardship with creative content.

Charlie Whitworth, SEO Director

Charlie has acclimatised well to the north since his move just over a decade ago. Assigned Liverpool FC as the northern football team to support, and opting to go by ‘Charlie’ rather than ‘Charles’; our SEO Director’s southern roots are now almost impossible to identify. Perversely, when he visits family back in the Cotswolds, his old school friends are bemused by his insistence on coating chips in either curry or gravy, and referring to everyone as ‘me ol’ marra’.

Outside of work, Charlie’s major passion is UK garage music. On weeknights and weekends, he can often be found alphabetising and chronologizing his UK garage records under the watchful gaze of his pet hamsters, Oxide and Neutrino. Charlie has mixed feelings about Craig David’s return to form – on one hand he’s happy for the man, but on the other is upset that he’ll no longer be able to watch his UK garage hero perform in the intimate surroundings of Night & Day Café, or at the opening of a new Asda.

Here’s how Charlie feels about working at Banc:

“Having worked at several reputable SEO companies across the North West over the last decade, I am delighted to have found an agency whose values and principles match mine perfectly.

“My journey from bingo blogger to technical SEO director over the years has been one that I have thoroughly enjoyed and I owe a lot of my recent development to the creative freedom and encouragement I have been given at Banc. The future looks incredibly bright here at Banc and I’m very proud to be a part of it all.”

Charlie is currently studying the Business Secrets of the Pharaohs to decipher whether Mentuhotep V’s wisdom can correlate to SEO success.

Quick Facts

  • Charlie holds the current record for earliest shot of Apple Sourz ordered in Manchester Arndale
  • He won the Whitworth Christmas Day Yahtzee tournament in ’09, ‘11, ‘12 and ’15
  • Charles vehemently believes that rolling batteries in the palms of your hand can help recharge them sufficiently
  • Charlie will often cheat and microwave a jacket potato for 10 minutes before putting it in the oven
  • Owns a shirt with ‘ChazzaBoy’ and ‘69’ printed on the reverse

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