Team Profile: Antony Simon


Proud father, effortless diplomat and self-professed pool whiz; Account Director Antony Simon is now Banc’s longest-serving employee and proud tenant of the best desk in the office (the cosy corner with views over Old Trafford Cricket Ground).

Sometimes called ‘Banterny Simon’, Ant can often be heard extolling his own skills with a pool cue and reminiscing about his old lads’ pad complete with pool table. Now happily married, Ant has been forced to restrict his laddish behaviour to winning the in-office fantasy football league most years and chinning cans of Sanpellegrino lemonade.

If Banc’s three board members are the heart and soul of the company, Ant is perhaps the sweat gland – keeping everyone cool. Unburdening other members of the team with a simple “leave it to me” when tasks build up, Ant allows us in the ops teams to continue the façade that we are tortured artists and unappreciated geniuses.

The enigmatic leader of Banc’s (still unbeaten) five-a-side football team, left-pegged Ant is a true driving force against opposition traditionally comprised of blokes struggling to fit into their old ‘McManaman 17’ shirts and last minute ringers brought in to make up the numbers.

An out and proud Coldplay fan, Ant is seldom allowed control of the office’s SONOS music player – a tragedy so severe, Chris Martin is currently penning a charity single in its honour.

Here’s how Ant feels about working at Banc:

“I’ve seen Banc grow from a small team of seven to where we are now – a bustling digital agency with a great reputation. We work in a fast-paced, challenging and ever-changing digital marketplace. The key to our success is the talent that we have and it’s something that I’m proud to be a part of. As well as being a hard-working and professional bunch, we have a genuine team spirit — making Banc a great place to work.”

Ant is currently still reeling over the exorbitant price he was forced to pay for his son’s first birthday cake.

Quick Facts

  • Ant looks less like Jake Gyllenhaal than his cartoon suggests
  • For a short stint in the early 2000s, Ant’s ringtone was a polyphonic version of the Champions League theme
  • Ant has three different hiding places for the TV remote, which he employs with tactical regularity
  • His trademark dance move is the ‘Ladder and Hammer’ in which he mimics basic DIY tasks
  • And he’s never put up a tent

If you’d like your business’ digital ambitions to be overseen by Antony and his team, please get in touch via or by calling 0345 459 0558.

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