Team Profile: Adam Morrell

By Banc

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In an industry of man-boys, overgrown adolescents and permachilds; UX & CRO Director Adam Morrell is the rarest of beasts – a genuine adult. Armed with a mortgage, crisp white shirts and non-ironic facial hair, Adam is an analytical tour de force, running A/B tests and nit-picking customer journeys to fine tune our clients’ online performance.


Adam’s start in CRO came when he started implementing those annoying ‘Congratulations you are the 10,000,000th visitor to the site’ pop-up banners on his Men Behaving Badly blog in 1998. Discovering this small change to his blog led to a dramatic 500% drop-off increase, Adam removed the banner and then started to look for new ways to prune and optimise his website.

Port Vale’s 4th most famous fan (edging just ahead of professional friend, Jonathan Wilkes), Morrell has never forgotten his Burslem roots, and is sure to regale his grandchildren with tales of Water World in Stoke-on-Trent and its famously high chlorine levels. Forgoing a career as a professional potter to enter the digital industry, Adam returns to his hometown to be met by cries of “here he is, the computer kid”.

Since moving to Banc, Adam has earned the bewildering nickname: ‘Big Soup’. The origins of the nickname are shrouded in more mystery than the sources of the ingredients used in most tinned soups.

Adam is currently the tallest member of the Banc family and, as such, was awarded the best seat in the office – the cosy desk in the far corner.

Having recently discovered spinach, Adam now fills the Banc communal fridge with upwards of 25 bags of the stuff every week – which just about makes four meals after the leafy greens lose moisture and wilt dramatically in the microwave.

Here is how Adam feels about working at Banc.

“Martin and Neil are building something special here at Banc, and from the moment I stepped through the door I wanted to join this incredibly talented digital family. I’ve been fortunate enough to have been part of some brilliant teams in my career, but this one is undoubtedly the best. It’s a privilege to lead our burgeoning UX & CRO team in an place that’s so full of team spirit, integrity and expertise.”

Adam is currently working on the Morrell Compass 2.0, an A/B testing tool so powerful, he claims it has helped him briefly glimpse into The Matrix.

Quick Facts

  • As a child, Adam lost the diving guy from his Mouse Trap board game, but found an adequate replacement in the form of a headless Subbuteo goalkeeper
  • In a bid for revenge, he once wrote ‘and it was all a dream’ at the end of the last page of every book in an ex-girlfriend’s bookshelf
  • He does the majority of his Christmas shopping in the Boots 3 for 2 sale
  • Adam can’t blow without letting out a little whistle
  • And he briefly considered a career in minesweeping after excelling at the Microsoft game in his youth

If you’d like to chat to Adam about CRO or the finer points of Minesweeper, drop him an email: