SEO, PPC and Social Media in the Post-Jackson Reforms Personal Injury Market

By Banc Digital

2 min read

Yesterday I attended an event hosted by the Liverpool Law Society, entitled ‘Personal Injury Litigation & Business Conference: April 2013 and beyond’, where I had been invited as a guest speaker to present on Search Engine Marketing.

I had been impressed by the efficient organisation on my arrival, all coordinated in perfect harmony by Jo Downey, Director of Education & Training for the Society.

The Conference had been set up to focus on the ‘Jackson Reforms’ and to highlight case law, changes in process and the impact that the changes will have on solicitors and the wider legal sector.

My part, filling in before the morning break referred to the banning of referral fees and introduction of the Alternative Business Structures (ABS) that would effect how law firms would win new business.

I was highlighting the need to change. To move with the times. To be prepared for how much more competitive Personal Injury customer acquisition was going to become. But that by changing the way they think and acting now, disaster can be averted.

I talked about the Long Tail of Search and how this still represented a great deal of opportunity. Indeed that if they were prepared to work hard in focusing on their prospective new customers and engaging with them on their level, they would indeed become more successful in being the law firm of choice at the hour of their need.

But really what I wanted to get across was that a change must happen. No longer can law firms rely on new business falling in their lap. But also that they could impact the future. And I focused on writing good content. Content that talked to their prospects, on their level, in their language and not from a superior position where currently their clients can be intimidated by legal rhetoric.

Finally I pulled in Social Media and how this is not just a direct communication tool but also that it is becoming integrated into Search Engine Marketing success. I explained that Twitter, Facebook, Linked In, You Tube et al needed to be embraced if they are going to compete in the New World (Legal) Order.

My final words were “Make Yourself Interesting,” for this is the advice we give to all our clients. If they can achieve this, they can achieve great success online.