Revealed: Origin of Mysterious Google Barges

By Banc Digital

2 min read

It seems as if the mystery of the two unexplained barges located either side of the United States has been solved.

Numerous reports have come out claiming that the four-storey structures will be used as corporate showrooms for Google and their respective, invitation-only guests.

The discretion surrounding the barges, currently docked in Treasure Island, San Francisco and Portland, Maine, saw speculation around them increase from the moment construction began in 2011.

Reporters obviously dug deeper into the situation and traced the barges back to Google, and in particular the Google X think-tank and future technologies arm of the internet giant.

The sense of ambiguity grew as even the San Francisco mayor Ed Lee was in the dark about what was on board.

A Californian Coastguard would too not reveal the contents of the barges after safety inspections had been carried out. He said in a statement:

“The Coast Guard conducts hundreds of inspections across the region on a wide variety of commercial vessels.

During the course of these activities, Coast Guard personnel are often exposed to sensitive proprietary information, new technologies, and other trade secrets.

Regardless of the company or entity involved, the Coast Guard has an obligation to protect sensitive proprietary information, as a company’s competitive posture and business interests depend on it.”

Reportedly seen as an attempt to outdo rivals Apple, the first three floors are to be used as ‘dazzling showrooms’ for staff and clients to converse together.

The top floor however is unashamedly designed as a party deck where rich guests, investors and customers can revel with the top Google employees.

One of the main selling points of the two barges is their ability to be transferred to different locations anywhere in the world.

They have been constructed of 40-foot shipping containers which can be reassembled at will.

Rumours have it that they could be moored in the Thames River in the UK after their stint in the US is over.

The reports put to bed some of the mad conspiracy theories that sprung up due to the secrecy of their manufacture.

It seems however that Google is only interested in a corporate venture and nothing more than that.