PPC vs. SEO – Which is Best for Me?

By Banc

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From fashion retail to legal services, online success for business pivots on one very important goal – appearing at the top of Google’s results pages.

To get there, you have two main choices – pay per click advertising (PPC) or search engine optimisation (SEO).

But what is the difference and which is best for your business?

We explain the fundamentals of PPC and SEO here and help you answer the question, “Which is best for me?”.

Why PPC?

When you search for a particular term on Google, you are presented with both organic results and paid-for advertising.

PPC adverts appear in specified slots on the page – at the top in a pale orange box and the remainder in the right-hand sidebar. PPC is perfect if:

  1. You need a quick win. Paid-for advertising will appear in search results almost instantaneously.
  2. You want analytical insight and to measure ROI. Adwords allows you to view keyword performance, and tweak your campaigns accordingly.
  3. You have a healthy advertising budget. Depending on competition and traffic, PPC can be expensive – although Google often issue vouchers for new Adwords accounts.
  4. It is not subject to Google algorithm changes, which can thwart SEO efforts.

Why Choose SEO?

SEO is the practice of optimising your website to rank within Google’s organic searches, specific to particular keywords.

Requiring both ‘onpage’ and ‘offpage’ efforts including content development and link building, it is often considered both an art and a science. SEO is perfect if:

  1. You don’t want to allocate budget to an advertising campaign. SEO simply requires time investment from someone with relevant knowledge and expertise.
  2. Your goal is long-term gain. Executed correctly, your website visits will steadily increase over an extended period of time, and with a little regular attention can continue to bring results well into the future.
  3. You want to illicit trust from your customers from the word go. Organic search results are considered more trustworthy than their paid-for counterparts.

If you want web traffic right now, PPC is great way to get started. For long-term gain, deploy an SEO strategy allowing you to phase out your advertising spend as you begin to see results – driven by succinct content, engaging blog posts, a lively social media presence and organic backlinks.

By combining both PPC and SEO, you get take advantage of the best of both, ensuring maximum exposure both now and into the future.

Do you need PPC or SEO assistance?

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