PPC campaign in poor shape? Let’s get it fit for Christmas!

By Banc Digital

3 min read

I purchased a Wii Fit the other day and have started my fitness program. You’re probably wondering why I am sharing this with you. Well, it’s because I realised that an SEM campaign, be it SEO or Pay Per Click, acts in a similar way to a fitness regime. And here’s why.


Generally, we want to lose weight either because a special event is about to happen or just because we want to be fit for Christmas and fully enjoy it. So, we have two options:

 1. Keep on eating/ not exercising all throughout the year and then starve ourselves/ spend lots of money on cosmetic surgery just before the event.

2: Plan a healthy diet and daily exercises way ahead the event.

I think it’s pretty obvious which option is better, right? Well it’s the same with PPC and SEO.  We’ll focus more on the PPC side for the moment.

It’s a well known fact that most companies, especially retailers experience a high volume of sales during the Christmas period. And with E-commerce getting more and more popular, companies invest more in their online presence to take full advantage of this period.

However, where companies go wrong is that they only start this process in November or even December, invest thousands of pounds into it, and then just hope that having a larger budget will provide them with more Clicks, which will be transformed into Purchases. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work very well this way and Return On Investment is too costly.

“Companies should prepare well in advance for the Christmas shopping period. A larger budget available to spend doesn’t necessarily mean the highest possible profit.

The Average CPC is very high during that period due to high competitiveness and unless the campaign is fully optimised by this time, the company will end up paying an extremely high CPC to catch up with its competitors”

– Neil Birchall, Client Services Director, Banc Manager

This represents a massive risk to your business. What if the campaign is not successful and you end up getting a negative ROI? Companies should plan and spend their budget wisely, by outsourcing their PPC campaign to a PPC specialist agency, like Banc Media, well in advance of the Christmas period. If the agency encounters a new account just before Christmas, the PPC specialists will be able to improve it, but the ROI won’t be anywhere near as high as if this had happened a few months in advance.

Companies should have an ongoing optimisation program all throughout the year so that they will be prepared for their peak period. This implies knowing the optimum CPA, CPC and ROI for a certain keyword. The latter can only be done by a constant surveillance and improvement of the campaign: ensuring it is granular and specific enough on every single level: Ad Groups, Keywords and the Ad Texts.

In the end, just as Father Christmas rewards those children who’ve been good all year, so Google watches every single move you make throughout the year and if you’ve been good, you will receive the desired present.

It’s all about preparing in advance for the most profitable periods of the year. If SEO and PPC were combined, that it’s a perfect match. SEO can advise on website improvements from a user point of view, changes that will have a positive impact on all your Clicks, turning them into Conversions. Once you’ve done all this, these improvements will yield results in the periods to come as well.

Both PPC and SEO should be seen as long term strategies which will never cease to deliver results. Customers are already starting their Christmas shopping, so why lose out on them?

In conclusion, we cannot emphasise enough the importance of starting to optimise your PPC campaign now, if you want it to be fully fit when Christmas comes. So get optimising now to enjoy a HaPPy Christmas!