Pay Per Click returns 115% more visitors for half the price for Kaplan Financial

By Banc

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Kaplan Financial appointed Banc in April 2010 to review its current Pay Per Click campaign with a view to improving results in the short term.

Kaplan Financial is the UK’s leading provider of accountancy training and financial training. They offer courses in 27 locations throughout the UK as well as home study and online learning for thousands of students and onsite training for many of the UK’s largest businesses.

The Problems

Kaplan was in a period of extensive change as the business focused more towards online purchasing and driving value from the web for both lead generation and direct sales conversion. With such a rate of change, support was required to ensure that this business change was achieved with maximum results in minimum time.

As the UK’s market leader in its field of financial and accountancy training, Kaplan Financial needed to address this problem to ensure future growth at sustainable costs.  Kaplan had implemented its own PPC account overhaul just a few months prior, but further optimisation was clearly required.

The Objectives

To increase the number of relevant website visitors at a lower acquisition cost to generate an uplift in new business, via Pay Per Click advertising.  Further to improve a number of Key Performance Indicators such as No. of Keywords, No. of Ad Groups, No. of Ad Texts, Negative Keywords, Click Through Rate, Quality Score and Click Costs.

Our Approach

In order to understand the current position of the PPC campaign, we carried out a comprehensive audit.  The audit covered a number of key areas including:

> No. of relevant keywords
> No. and quality of Ad Texts
> Keyword Match efficiency (including Negative Match)
> Bid pricing & Day/Week parting activity
> Landing Pages

Our audit highlighted a number of problems as well as opportunities that needed attention.  In addition we reviewed the historical campaign data looking at trends and seasonality for further analysis.  From this investigation, we re-structured the Pay Per Click Account to facilitate future management and optimization.  A tactical plan was agreed and implemented to improve cost efficiency and generate a greater return on investment.

The Outcome

> Keyword Volume increased by over 200% from a target of 20%, creating greater reach
> The number of Ad Groups grew by over 600%, allowing more granular analysis
> We added a minimum of 3 Ad Texts per Ad Group adding more than 600% new messages
> The Negative Keyword List was increased by 110%, against our target of 20%
> Average Quality Score went up from 6.4 to 6.8 over a huge increase in keywords
> Overall Click Through Rates increased by 246%, while Click Costs reduced by 50%
> Year on Year, Q2, Website Visitors were improved by 115%, set against our target of 15% (despite a decrease in costs)

Next Steps

Continued campaign optimization using Test, Learn, Refine methodologies.  A focus on achieving increased website visitor numbers from lower click costs by improving reach, message and bid efficiencies.  Further focus will continue looking at key dates in the seasonal calendar to ensure optimal return is achieved from monthly/annual budgets.

Conversion optimization will gather pace as we receive more valid data. PPC calculations are modified as we achieve higher keyword position for lower prices through the rewards of successful campaign optimization.  Higher keyword positions will therefore deliver more website visitors leading to ultimately an increase in enquiries and new business.