News: Success of Google+ proves difficult to predict

By Banc Digital

1 min read

As the surge of interest around Google+ gathers pace, a survey has shown that, whilst people are flocking to sign up, many are leaving as quickly as they arrive.

Bloomberg-YouGov predicts that within a year, Google+ will overtake Twitter, LinkedIn and Myspace to become the second most popular social media tool behind Facebook.

The same survey also indicates that the gap on Facebook will be closed even further, as 30% of people who use both platforms will phase out their Facebook usage as they devote more of their time to the newest addition to the crowded social media market.

However, Google+ is also seeing an abandonment rate, with 31% of new users either growing bored of their account almost instantly, or failing to post any content at all since joining.

Most early joiners are thought to be young, educated, single men who spend lots of time online, which could suggest that there is a lot of Google+ experimenting going on. Such aimless procrastination could explain the high abandonment rate.

Of course, surveys such as this will never be able to accurately account for the behaviour of social media users. A reported 16million US adults say they plan to join Google+ in the next year. Whether they will actually do this is of course impossible to say.

Around 45% of users say they regularly read and create content, which according to the survey is 3% higher than Twitter.

It is estimated that Twitter could be the high profile casualty of the rise of Google+, with LinkedIn and the already flagging Myspace also falling by the wayside.

However, even with the most optimistic of predictions, there appears little chance of Google+ conquering the Facebook juggernaut any time soon.

Have you tried Google+? What was your experience of it?