News: Bing steals a march on search engine rivals

By Banc Digital

2 min read


It’s been a busy week in the world of the search engines. The high profile trio of Yahoo, Google and Bing have all been involved in a series of developments that will shake up search engine use across the globe.

Last week, Banc Media reported on the current boardroom unrest at Yahoo, with CEO Caroline Bartz seemingly losing the confidence of shareholders.

Now, the company is closing one of its most popular tools, Yahoo Site Explorer, after six years. The facility has become a firm favourite among SEO managers over its lifespan, who would use it to audit a website and check its incoming links.

Yahoo is now recommending that users should switch to Bing Webmaster Tools instead, but as yet no concrete closing date has been decided.

Over the past few months, Bing have been adding a host of new features to their service, with users now able to view detailed traffic statistics and analyse inbound links.

As popular as Yahoo Site Explorer undoubtedly was, it is likely that once the dust has settled the SEO community will embrace Bing and its predecessor will not be missed too much.

Bing has scored another, arguably more significant victory over in China, where they have capitalised on Google’s tribulations in the country to secure a lucrative deal with high profile Asian search engine Baidu.

Google’s reservations about China have been well documented, after they withdrew from the country following disagreements over their censorship of search results.

Chinese Google users are currently redirected to the organisation’s Hong Kong site, and even there Google only enjoys 20 per cent of the market.

When it comes to China, Baidu is lord of the search engine manor. They handle around 10million English search queries per day, and the aim of the Bing deal is ostensibly to improve the quality of the results generated from these requests.

For Bing, the possibilities do not end here, with Baidu planning to expand beyond China. So far their only successful attempt has seen a version of the site spring up in Japan.

Whilst there is no strict timeline on further expansion, Bing will certainly be hoping that these endeavours spread much wider and at a much greater rate in order to help them continue to press home an advantage over Google and Yahoo.