New Google+ Page Dashboard Launched

By Banc Digital

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Google+ Business Dashboard: - Image copyright Google

Google+ page business dashboard example from Zagat, including progress bar

Google+ Senior Director Pavni Diwanji has announced the launch of a new dashboard available to Google+ page managers, including some features targeted at, and only available to business owners.


The new Google+ page dashboard gives users access to the following features:

  1. Update info (website URLs, business hours, address, phone numbers etc)
  2. Single location to monitor Google+ notifications, page managers, share photos and videos, or start hangouts

Business users specifically will also have access to the following features:

  1. At a glance access to Google AdWords Express and Offers campaigns
  2. Insights, including top searches, top locations requesting driving directions and performance data for Google+ posts

The updated dashboard is the new default page when users sign in to manage Google+ pages.

Users that have not yet fully completed their Google+ page will see a progress bar showing what is left to fill in.

Tabs along the top of the page give managers access to an overview, notifications, user management, connected services (Google APIs Console to link mobile apps and websites), and ‘For Your Site’ – a list of available Google+ tools and website plugins, such as the + 1 button.


As well as acting as a more intuitive and user friendly dashboard – I do suspect a big part of Google’s dashboard strategy must involve pushing local business users into the company’s advertising services.

In the lower left-hand corner of the page there is indeed an ‘Advertise your business’ panel – leading to AdWords Express.

Image Gallery / Screenshots

We have created a gallery of the new Google+ page dashboard below: