My first week as ‘Work Experience Girl’

By Banc Digital

2 min read

My name is Leanne Edwards and I am a 2nd year History student at the University of Lincoln.  Before I was introduced to Banc Media by one of their colleagues, I knew next to nothing about Search Engine Optimisation or Pay Per Click.

Not having a great idea what career path I want to follow, over the past 2 years I have been involved in many different work experience roles from Administration right the way through to Primary and Secondary School teaching.

So, when I approached Martin Cozens, the MD for an opportunity to get some experience within Banc Media he kindly offered me 2 weeks to get stuck in with the team. With services such as SEO and PPC, products that were completely alien to me, accompanied by Banc Media’s ever growing success I was more than excited to get started.

Once I was all set up there was no time wasted and I got stuck straight into some tidying up of the accounts that the team were currently working on. Since I knew very little about the ins and outs of PPC and SEO this was a great introduction to how the clients were managed day to day. The first day flew by and before I knew it I was onto my second day in the office.

As promised, Martin took me through what Banc Media offered to clients and showed me a number of impressive case studies the company were able to gloat about. The lovely Emma Crowe (PPC manager), was on hand to run me through the basics of Pay Per Click and what this involved. Not long after, with my head full of keywords and adwords, Martin talked me through SEO and with that I was able to completely understand the products that Banc Media offers its clients and how the company is run.

As such, when a prospective client came in I was able to sit in on the meeting and just about keep up with the alien terminology flying around. Despite my confusion at times, it was lovely to meet the two ladies and it gave me a good insight into the sales side of the business and what clients expected from us.

With my new PPC and SEO head on, Neil Birchall, Client Services Director set me a project to research and report on the current state of the UK cruise market for one of their clients, Cruise 1st. Very excited I set straight to it, after a slight hiccup with a very embarrassing ruler technique used for measuring out graphs on Google, Emma set me straight and I was well on my way to producing a structured proposal. Once I had compared the interest in chosen keywords for the company I went on to compare the site with its competitor sites to see how Cruise 1st could optimise their website for the market.

My next task is to carry on the research for Cruise 1st.  I will be sending the information I find to Neil by the end of the day. Hopefully my work will mirror that of the success Banc Media clearly upholds! If not, I’ll try and redeem myself tomorrow with unprompted brewing up every half hour. Fingers crossed!