Multilingual PPC Campaigns

By Banc Digital

2 min read


Being a specialist PPC company doesn’t just mean that you can manage PPC campaigns and provide a positive ROI for clients. Sure, that’s the key, to provide a profit for each and every client and to keep that profit growing consistently throughout the life of the PPC campaign but clients require much more as business grows and expands.

At Banc Media we pride ourselves on client retention and in forming a partnership with clients as we work with them as their business grows. This means for some clients, that we venture into new territories, which is normally a brand new experience for our clients.

It is important that our clients are able to use us as an agency they can trust and who are experts not only in running PPC campaigns in the UK but globally as well.

The transition to countries which are English speaking such as PPC campaigns in Australia or the USA are, as you can imagine, relatively straight forward. We are used to dealing with time differences and working to our clients working hours and not just ours, especially when in comes to liaising with clients on the other side of the world in Sydney.

One of the most daunting tasks for a client is how to approach launching a PPC campaign in a totally new language, where they have no presence, and are competing against companies who have history and are seen as authorities in these territories. That is where Banc have been able to come help and provide real value.

Using in house PPC experts who are either fluent in other languages or native speaking of the countries we are venturing into we are able to accurately forecast, plan and implement PPC campaigns in countries such as Germany, Poland, Spain and France to name a few.

It has taken a lot of work away from our clients where resource can be an issue and starting to recruit and employ people who are bilingual can be difficult, time consuming and costly.

As we have said we pride ourselves on delivering a positive ROI for clients. This shouldn’t be exclusive to the UK or English speaking territories. Real PPC experts should be able to manage PPC campaigns anywhere, in any language, delivering for clients when they require you the most.

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