Movember at Banc Media

By Banc Digital

2 min read

It’s the time of year again when the men of the world are scratching their faces and the ladies are trying to steer clear of kissing their partners! That’s right, Movember is back, in it’s 11th year, for the men of the country to ‘tache up and get supporting the fight for men’s health.

If you’re unaware to what it is; Movember is where men all over the world grow moustaches to change their face, raise money and change the face of men’s health. We spend the month growing our moustache and become a walking, talking advert for Movember and the issues surrounding men’s health.

Here at Banc Media we are taking part despite protestations, moanings, threats of divorce and general fear of looking stupid. But we’re doing it as a team, fellow Mo-Bro’s and we’ll be trying to raise as much money as possible in the coming month.

We have some hirsute gents in our offices, men who easily grow facial hair and have sported grand beards to match the best of them; but on the other side we have ‘boys’ who couldn’t grow a grizzly beard if it was glued to their face. It’s going to be a long haul for some men who choose to be clean-shaven generally, what style of moustache do we tend? Luckily the guys at Movember provide us with some ideas, a guide to facial foliage and we can all hope to even meet their expectations!

Should you feel sorry for us, or are proud of our endeavours and facial fuzz in the coming month, feel free to donate to our team page here, or even give some money to your favourite Banc Mo Bro and help them be the biggest fund raiser; I’m sure there’ll be a prize somewhere! Don’t forget to also keep checking back as we update our page and this blog with ‘tache news from #TeamBanc!