Monica’s Blog: Week 9

By Banc Digital

2 min read

Another week has come and gone, and it has been the usual stream of successes here at Banc Media.

Amazing PPC results along with very good SEO results, everything this week has been exactly what an SEM specialist company should report.

The week started off really well, with the PPC report for our client, The Fragrance Shop, showing record Sales, Revenue and AOV, and lowest ever CPAs. It was a really good performance, even better than the previous week’s one, which had itself exceeded all the targets.

Afterwards, I started working on the reports for the rest of our PPC clients. There were very good results on all fronts. It’s really good that I can do these reports because not only am I learning how to do them, but I can also see the performance of the campaigns over longer periods of time and consequently I gain a better insight of what exactly is driving these performances.

Since we are on the PPC topic, I couldn’t go any further without mentioning our new client, XLCR, We only started this campaign on Thursday, but the numbers received so far look very promising. I’ll bring you more on this topic in the next week’s blog.

Next up, the monthly lowdown on our SEO reports. I had to check the performance of the targeted keywords for our customers in terms of their ranking on Google. I’m sure that you already know what I discovered: the majority of them jumped in ranking, all because of our SEO managers and their exquisite strategy. I could see how important it is to have fresh content on the website, as well as having relevant title and meta description tags on each page of the website.

Sp, pretty soon I’ll be having my three-month review, which I’m really looking forward to. Hopefully, it will all be fine. It’s been an amazing learning curve for me but I still feel I haven’t reached the top.

There are many more things to learn and I just keep an open mind to everything that comes along.  Watch out for my next update this Friday…

Monica Cozma