Monica’s Blog: Week 15

By Banc Digital

2 min read

This week, I am pleased to report that I have some amazing news to share. I am now a Google Certified Adwords Professional! I have taken the exams this week and, after about four hours of feverishly attempting to work out all 240 answers across two tests, I am proud to say that I successfully passed!

I have studied hard in my spare time throughout this period and I was keen to pass on my first try. So I took my time to learn all the topics, carefully revising each one and having a go at plenty of mock exams before eventually taking a deep breath and diving in.

Thankfully, my patience and plan worked out in my favour, and the celebrations could begin. Here are some of the secrets to Adwords success:

– First of all, carefully study the Adwords training lessons. It seems obvious, and indeed I discovered all the potential answers to the exam’s questions and was able to address any gaps in my knowledge early on.

– Secondly, get yourself an ‘Emma’. I can actually say all her support has been invaluable and I thoroughly appreciated that she always found time to answer any question I had related to running a PPC account.

– Finally another factor that really helped was that I also practiced the exam many times before in the hope that there wouldn’t be any questions to take me by surprise.

Unfortunately, Google doesn’t provide any mock exams, only a few questions at the end of each major topic. However, after following Google’s Adwords forums, I found a very good website that provided similar questions to those on the exam. So, what I did was to randomly pick questions and start the timer to see how well I was doing and when I felt 100% prepared, I went and did the real thing.

I hope you found these tips useful and you can now join me in celebrating my early Christmas present to myself, as I join Banc Media’s team of Adwords professionals.