Monica’s Blog: Week 14

By Banc Digital

2 min read

I know I must have said this in all fourteen of my blogs now, but this week has actually been the busiest ever at Banc Media…

From monthly reports being prepared, to getting ready for Christmas, to planning 2011 for Banc Media and creating strategic plans for our clients, there were so many things to be done.

Our Christmas Cards are printed, signed and in the postal system, so look out for them on your doorstep soon…

In terms of specific tasks for this week, I must mention the SEO monthly reports. After our SEO managers carefully gathered and analysed all the data, I had to make sure they were all fine to be sent to our clients.

As I’ve always said, just numbers on a piece of paper doesn’t make a campaign good or bad, it’s what is behind the numbers that really matters. So, from finding reasons for increases or decreases in traffic, to analysing the data on a month on month and year on year basis, I had to ensure that all the reports are meticulously checked and they did not leave any potential questions unanswered when they were sent to the customer.

On another good note we have seen one of our clients, Orchard receive a boost from their SEO campaign.  We previously noted that their visitor numbers had increased by 25%, but that figure has risen to a whopping 66% increase in the last 3 months!

You may remember I mentioned to you a couple of weeks ago that I’ve been working on the British Institute of Florence Social Media campaign. Well, after a few tweaks and changes their Facebook profile has very much improved. Have a look and feel free to share your opinions on it.

I really must go now as there’s plenty more work to be done and with Christmas looming ever closer it needs to be done soon.

Meanwhile, keep an eye on us on Twitter and Facebook as we’ll continue publishing our SEMatters news updates, as well as the last few blogs before the festive holiday.