Monica’s Blog: Week 13

By Banc Digital

2 min read

I have so much exciting news to share this week! From signing a new client on a PPC campaign, to record Sales for our PPC clients and a very interesting event where I had to represent Banc Media. Let me tell you more about it…

Firstly we welcome our new client, Vintage Sports Company, who sell a huge selection of fantastic Retro football shirts and tracksuit tops that are a must for fans. We will start their PPC campaign shortly and we’re confident that they will experience a very high volume of sales from now on.

One of our retail clients reached record sales last week and the numbers for this week are already exceeding last week’s results. Obviously, a key factor in these figures is that it is the perfect time of year for shopping, but we can’t put everything on seasonality.

A major reason for this success is down to our excellent PPC team, who is always monitoring and carefully analysing the campaign’s progress and ready to make any changes to bring more revenue at a lower cost.  Another client (B2B sector) has registered three times as many enquiries than the previous week for the same investment, which was already a very well performing week.

Now, that big event I was talking about. As a recent graduate, Manchester University Careers Service asked me to take part in an event that they organised called “How to get ahead in digital advertising”.  I was representing Banc Media on one hand, as well as hopefully offering inspiration to the attending graduates on the other hand.

Many industry specialists were present, all trying to encourage future graduates to choose a career in digital marketing and giving advice as to how to start their career. It was so exciting being able to share my experience and knowledge with students and fellow marketers, but I must admit it was a bit nerve-wracking having to face all those students in a massive lecture theatre giving a presentation as a business person, rather than as an undergraduate trying to impress just one lecturer. I hope I made Banc Media proud and that my experience inspired other students to follow the same path.

Afterwards, we all put on several workshops where the students had the opportunity of a more one-to-one informal chat. It was a refreshing and amazing experience where I can honestly say I took a lot away from it, and from the feedback I got it seems the students did too.

This was my week so far, a very eventful and successful week. But then again, every day there’s something exciting happening at Banc Media. Stay tuned if you don’t want to miss any exciting news.