Monica’s Blog: Week 12

By Banc Digital

2 min read

What a busy week I have had at Banc Media! There were so many tasks that had to be completed both for our PPC and SEO clients. So far, so good and I managed to get them all done, with the help of our team. One task that I was heavily involved in this week was ensuring that the Cruise 1st Australia website is up to scratch. Let me tell you a little bit more about how I did this.

As you already know, because we did such an amazing job for Cruise 1st UK on their SEO campaign, we were rewarded with the SEO campaign for their Australian counterpart as well. Here’s what we have done so far. First of all, we made sure the website is built entirely on an SEO friendly platform with SEO-friendly URLs. Afterwards, we ensured the content was not duplicated from any other websites so that the Cruise 1st website can start ranking for targeted keywords, together with keywords related to specific cruise lines and ships. To do this, I had a bit of help.

Our SEO copywriter has started writing fresh content for every cruise line and its corresponding cruise ships, as well as new content for all the destinations on the cruise itineraries supported by Cruise 1st Australia. Once this was done, it was my turn. My job was to upload that content on the website in a HTML format to make it look professional and appealing at the same time.  Apart from doing that, I also ensured there were no broken URLs on the website and whenever I found some, I flagged them immediately with their web support. As a result, everything is looking great now.

In terms of outstanding tasks for the end of this week/ beginning of next week, as we’re approaching the end of the month, I will be helping out our Finance Department by raising and sending invoices to our clients.

A little peep into next week’s theme: a very important meeting took place at Banc Media offices. Keep an eye on us for more details. Meanwhile, you can follow us on Twitter @bancmedia and of course, on Facebook. Take care and enjoy the snow we’ve been promised!

Monica Cozma