Monica’s Blog: Week 11

By Banc Digital

2 min read

Last week I took a very important decision. After carefully analysing all my previous blogs and discussing the issue with Neil, Banc Media’s excellent Client Services Director, I decided that my blogs need a different approach.

By now you should all have a fairly good impression of what my current duties are at Banc. From giving Emma a hand in running our PPC accounts, to doing some additional work and research for our SEO managers, keeping an ongoing client contact and making sure everything runs as it should on their accounts, you all know what these jobs entail as I’ve been outlining them in my previous blogs. I think that by now regular readers will probably have guessed that last week’s results were very good on all fronts, both PPC and SEO, and they are right, so I will not dwell on that.

Instead, I have decided to explain in more detail what I’ve been doing and which of my actions had (or will have) a beneficial effect on our client’s accounts.

This week I will talk about the importance of having a very good Onsite SEO Strategy implemented. Having a nice looking website with colourful pictures is not enough to achieve a rank in the top ten positions on Google and drive in more visitors. The page content, the URLs and Meta and Title Descriptions are actually far more important from a Search Engine perspective.

I will take the example of our client, The British Institute of Florence. While there was a lot of good page content on their website, after using Google Webmaster’s Tools we discovered that the website had many broken URLs that either needed to be removed, or redirected to the most relevant page on the website. So this week, I’ve checked every single one of them and indicated the correct page so that our client’s web developers will have an easier task.

We know the devastating effects that a broken URL has on Google rankings of a website and we do not want this to happen to our clients. Now we will just wait for the developers to implement these changes as soon as possible so that The British Institute can rank higher and gain more visits. Next week, I will redesign their Social Media profile with a brand new look for their Facebook and Twitter accounts.

I already have a big list of tasks for next week so keep an eye on this space to see the latest updates, or you could follow us on Twitter @bancmedia or Facebook for more of our most recent developments.

Monica Cozma