Monica’s Blog: 3rd in 2011

By Banc Digital

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It’s been a week full of events and it’s still going strong. Let me give you more details.

Our Client Services Director Neil was back from his holidays on Monday and we had a bit of catching up to do with the Account Management Team. Apparently, we’ve done a pretty good job while he was away, so I’m really pleased with myself. After our catch up, we decided on the steps we need to take to go forward with our current SEO and PPC campaigns for our clients. Later on in the afternoon, we were given the weekly feedback from one of our PPC clients, and discovered that last week’s ROI was up 102% year-on-year. We were very pleased with this, as it was a steady continuation of the trend from the last couple of weeks.

On Tuesday, it was time for more PPC weekly reports to be sent. Again, there were the usual very good results on this front, with CTR increasing, while CPA decreasing considerably. We have also had a conference call with one of our new clients, just to decide upon the final details on the campaigns before we launch them. It went really well and we felt that the client was very happy with the progress so far. Soon, we’ll provide our performance reports, so prepare for some more outstanding results.

Yesterday, I received some interesting news: the Manchester Graduate Internship Programme want to film an interview of me to talk about my experiences with their programme and of course with Banc Media. I’m sure it will be an exciting day and as soon as the video goes live, I’ll make sure I update you with a link. I hope everything goes well and the results will be to everyone’s liking.

Apart from that, Wednesday was full of tasks coming from all of Banc Media’s departments: more invoices to be prepared and sent, more content to be updated on the Content Management System of one of our clients, more PPC reports to deal with, etc. I must admit I still have loads of other tasks that need completion by the end of today.

With that in mind, I will bring this latest update to a close and move on to my other duties. Before I go, I know I’ve been saying that we’re about to reveal one of Banc Media’s masterplans for 2011, but we’re not ready yet as we’re still waiting for further details. However, keep an eye on us for more updates since I can tell you for sure that it’s not something you want to miss.

Posted by Monica Cozma