Monica’s 6 months review

By Banc Digital

3 min read

I only just realised the other day that I’m half way through my internship at Banc Media. Conveniently, this gives me my theme for this week, a blog to celebrate reaching the halfway point. It’s been an amazing learning curve for me and I’m really excited about what’s next in line.

It seems like forever ago, but when I first started my job my knowledge of Search Engine Marketing was very limited. With only a basic knowledge of Pay Per Click and Search Engine Optimisation, I hadn’t got a clue about the techniques involved in guaranteeing their success. It was as if I had all the right ingredients, but I just didn’t know the recipe. When I arrived here, I never imagined that working in the Client Services Department will entail so many activities. However, it didn’t take me long to find out.

The first milestone was me passing the Google Adwords Professionals Exam, which was a very tough task indeed. It took at lot of practice, days and days of solid work on several PPC accounts to get some hands on experience, reading the Google Guidelines over and over again. One of the key factors in my passing this exam was having Emma, our PPC manager, always available to explain me several things that I hadn’t understood. After all this hard work, my efforts were rewarded in December, when I passed the Exam.

As well as studying for this exam, I was also given tips on the best client services practice from Neil (Banc Media’s Client Services Director) and Martin (our MD). All their advice has been taken into consideration and helped me build my confidence when dealing with any type of enquiry coming from our clients. I hope I’ve been doing a good job and all our clients are happy.

“In 6 months Monica has exceeded our expectations of what she might have achieved here at Banc Media by now.  This is down to her professional approach, diligent working practices, intelligence, ambition and pleasant manner.  She is a delight to have in the team.  Our clients receive an exceptional customer service from her and she adds value to almost every department at the company. Monica enjoys a challenge and we have given her a number of projects to manage, which she has delivered on time and on brief.  We look forward to next 6 months and what she might achieve!”

Martin Cozens, Banc Media’s Managing Director

From December onwards, I’ve started getting more involved in our SEO activities too. Thanks to that, I can now speak with some authority about on page optimisation techniques, as well as building up the online presence of a company. If someone had asked me six months ago what the Title & Meta Description tags of a page were, I would have had very little to say for myself. Not anymore. Now I am actually taking an active role in this area, not quite by myself as yet, but under the constant supervision and advice of our SEO managers I hope it will only be a matter of time.

Yes, things are changing and as you can see, they are only changing for the better. Soon I’ll have one more product to learn, but I’ll tell you all about it when the time comes. Next week I will hopefully have my MGIP video online so that I can share it with you and take you through any questions that I’ve been asked. So, keep an eye on us not to miss it as most have been full of praise for my debut video performance.

Monica Cozma