Monica does PPC

By Banc Digital

2 min read

It’s Friday already, so it must be time for a new update on my work at Banc Media. This week has been amazing! So many technical terms finally made sense and no longer sounded foreign to me. I just loved it and I’m really looking forward to the next week.

This week has definitely been the PPC week. And I cannot start talking about it without saying a massive THANK YOU to Emma, for patiently and comprehensively answering all my questions and for offering me guidance this week. I started applying the concepts learnt on the Google AdWords by introducing URLs for specific keywords, always making sure they were relevant and working properly. Afterwards, I had to create ad texts for a new Banc Media client. Because our relationship with our clients is very important, I had to do plenty of research on the client’s campaign and company as a whole in order to create ad texts as relevant and appealing as possible. I’ll keep my fingers crossed hoping they will return the expected results.

The next step was running reports in AdWords and Google Analytics. Reporting such positive results for several customer accounts made me feel proud I’m working for Banc Media. Anyone would feel the same if asked to report such brilliant performances. The Fragrance Shop seems to be this week’s top performer, with its Click Through Rates increasing by 30% and Average Position by 40%.

Moving on from the PPC side, there are a couple of things I must add regarding my last couple of days at Banc. Hopefully, you’ve all seen my other post regarding Google and found it as interesting as I, Chris and Joanna did. I’m looking forward to reading more comments and feedback on my next posts as well.

Furthermore, I must praise the atmosphere at Banc. I liked the fact that at last week’s meeting Martin made everyone feel like a part of the company, it is nice to be treated as a person rather than just an employee. The friendly but professional atmosphere in the office is reflected in our client relationships as well, consequently our customers always feel free to give us feedback or ask for more details.

I must finish this and go back to some PPC reports and budgets that need to be checked. Stay tuned to see my next post on the SEM world, when I’ll be discussing SEO, what it can really do for a company and how to spend your money wisely.