Matt Brittin, Google’s UK CEO talks to Alex Moss et al

By Banc Digital

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Alex Moss, our Head of SEO writes:

“Yesterday I visited the new BBC Salford Quays buildings (which are fantastic by the way) to hear Matt Brittin, UK CEO of Google speak. He has worked for Google since 2007 and has been instrumental in their operations here in the UK and Ireland. He has also been acknowledged for his influence in New Media Age, The Financial Times and Wired; the latter voting him No. 1 of 100 people who shaped the wired world in 2010.

Matt mainly spoke about what Google had done to help users’ experiences over the years.  And how Google had improved the way in which results were displayed to people in order to ensure that all users are provided with the most relevant results, whilst fulfilling two words Matt considered most important – “fast” and “happy”.

Some Statistics:

Matt shared some interesting statistics with the audience:

  • Google has been understanding languages more and more recently. They currently compared governmental EU documents in 27 languages in order to help Google Translate understand more.
  • 2 billion people worldwide own a computer, however, 5 billion people own a mobile device. This provides a huge opportunity for mobile but Google isn’t sure where it’ll lead. Matt also shared that people in Asia Pacific will generally use a mobile device as their primary connection to the Internet.
  • The UK “knows how to do shit” – Matt has found that the UK understand the Internet in general, where it is now 7% GDP – second only to Denmark

Insights for Search:

As an SEO, I am already well aware of Google’s Insights for Search. For someone who has never used Insights I can understand how interesting it is. Matt used the example of Mr. Bean and found some interesting data:

  • Apart from 2007’s spike, trends for “mr bean” searches has been on the gradual increase
  • Trends show that Pakistan has the highest number of searches
  • 2 top related searches are “mr bean games” and “mr bean cartoon”

From this, he showed us that a good suggestion for the online team would be to possibly target those locations and terms for those search results as there is an increasing demand for Mr. Bean!

Final Thoughts:

Matt concluded by giving a few last thoughts:

  • Google primarily thinks about long term trends, not short term. They’re not interested in possible changes in the next month or quarter but more like 10 years.
  • Use smaller groups when developing ideas as they focus much more than larger groups
  • Be open in developments – being open can only prove to be constructive
  • Matt’s words not mine – “Google doesn’t know everything about you”

Although not aimed for an SEO audience this was a very interesting talk and was nice to see that Matt travelled to Salford to acknowledge the North as a hub of digital talent.

By the way, Google are always searching for talented graduates who have strength in both art/design and mathematics. If you excel in both then consider a career at Google!”

Alex Moss, Head of SEO, Banc Media