Jake’s Week with Banc

By Banc

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At Banc we were recently joined for a week by SEO Director Charlie Whitworth’s younger brother, Jake, looking for experience of the workplace. Charlie was particularly keen to set him on genuine day-to-day tasks required by the Banc Digital team (with correct supervision, of course) rather than binning him off with made-up jobs and brew round responsibilities.

Jake chronicled his week (I’m sure it was two weeks when I was a lad), and shares his experiences here…

Day 1

I was given my first task where I had to go to each blog on the website of Banc Digital and make sure there were no broken links or any broken images. I did this by going into the CMS (Content Management System) of the website and looked through all of the media files. If there was a broken image, I would delete it and replace it with the original photo. If there was not an image that could be replaced, I had to make a note of this.

After doing that for a while, I was told to stop and was put onto a new task which was called ‘redirecting’. This is required when the SEO client has provided you many links which produce error 404 pages and you have to redirect them to a page which still exists – hence why it’s called redirecting. I did roughly around 200 of these for a company called Capital Gardens.

After I’d done 200, it was 5:30 so it was time to go home. I really enjoyed my first day because I learnt lots of new things and understood what I was doing and why I was doing it.

Day 2

My second day was almost an exact replica of Day 1 because I enjoyed what I did the previous day so much that I cracked on and did all 1,100 redirects for the Capital Gardens website. I was quite glad when they were finished though.

Following this, I carried on with a small amount (one page) of fixing the broken blogs that I had started on Day 1.

To finish the day, I did something called ‘Client Metrics’. This is used to understand how a website is performing and how much immediate attention it will require.

Day 3

I was given more redirects to do, but it was different this time, because instead of just having to redirect the links to different pages of the website, I had to split them up into five languages: English, German, French, Dutch and Russian. I then spent much of the morning finishing off the broken links and pictures for all the blogs in the Banc Media website. Once I had done some of these, I was told to start getting the backlinks for each client and put them in an excel spreadsheet under the following headings:

  • Total backlinks
  • Referring page URL
  • Link URL
  • Link anchor
  • Link type

Once I had found all of these for each of our clients, I began to find where each link was for a website. The first client I completed this task for was mynewlab.com. I was finding whether the links on websites linking to mynewlab.com were branded well enough to be used by the client. This depends on whether the website is in the same language as the client, the relevance of the website that the link is on and whether the website has a high domain authority.

Later in the day I went to the PPC (pay per click) department. The PPC guys manage our clients paid advertisements on Google, those first few results which have ‘ad’ alongside the link. Google charges a certain rate based on the popularity of the search term and will place the ads at the top of the search results, assuming the advert and website are of a high enough quality.

Day 4

Today I helped out in Content Marketing.  One thing they do is ask bloggers to share some links back to the client’s sites and/or promote competitions. I was asked to have a sweep of all of their social media sites/websites to check where and when they have linked back to our site.  After this, I went onto a website called DeepCrawl and had to look at all the issues and put them into an Excel spreadsheet to narrow down the things that were at fault and the things that weren’t.  I did this for the majority of the day. Once I had done lots of these, I finished off with a few more redirects.

Day 5

Today was my final day, I’m really actually going to miss it because it was so relaxed and you could do the work at your own pace. I felt so welcome there and I was so glad that I chose it for my work experience. If only I had more time there. I simply finished off today with some more redirects. Overall, the experience was fantastic. I feel like I know so much more about SEO, PPC and content marketing. Thank you to everyone for the amazing experience! Also, a big thank you to Martin and Neil for letting me come here!

So there it is, Jake’s week in a shade under 1,000 words.

If you’re interested in talking to Banc Digital about your digital marketing needs, shoot us an email on office@bancmedia.com.