Is My Parallax Scrolling Website SEO Friendly?

By Banc Digital

2 min read


A parallax scrolling website is in essence a single page design. It looks fantastic and provides a great user experience, but when it comes to SEO does it perform as well?

The short answer is: no, parallax scrolling websites are not particularly search engine friendly. But what is the long answer…?

Here’s why parallax scrolling websites present a challenge for SEO:

One Page = One Keyword Phrase

We all know keywords are the way to Google’s heart. Many SEO experts suggest you can only optimise each web page for one keyword, maybe two, if they’re similar. This means you’re limiting your beautiful one-page website to just one keyword phrase and this puts you in a vulnerable position compared to the competition.

Just One Set of Meta Data

A single page website only has one Meta title and description, giving you just one chance to lure in potential customers.

Heavy Pages and Longer Loading Times

Single-page websites can be heavy with content, which Google is not keen on. The more content you pack in, the slower your website will load; this may turn customers away and adversely affect your search engine ranking.

Google’s Algorithm Prefers Traditional Websites

Google’s Webmaster Trends Analyst John Mueller advises against single-page websites for SEO:

“I’d generally recommend a more traditional site format. It’s complicated for search engines to understand a “one-page” site like that, given that there is so much information on a single page. It’s much easier for our algorithms to focus on individual pages with content that matches the same context.”

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