I never knew I was so old and it’s all Twitter’s fault!

By Banc

1 min read

I just asked a colleague of mine if he had heard about the 15 year old boy who had wrote a paper on how teenagers consume media? The reply was negative. Maybe it’s because this young man had not twittered about it. He was “young” you see.

Anyway the basics are that Matthew Robson, whilst on an internship at Morgan Stanley, was tasked with writing a paper. He titled it “How Teenagers Consume Media”.

One of his statements which made me feel old was that he said “Twitter is strictly for the elderly”. Being in my thirties I do feel slightly older now being a twitterer myself, not as old as my colleague who I was asking the initial question from earlier over Skype I must add.

Thinking about it though it makes a lot of sense. My twitter connections consist of 30 something’s and above discussing the latest online marketing trends or marketing themselves and their own companies. Not an easy task using 140 characters.

The kids are loyal to facebook, don’t buy music and don’t use mobile phones to make telephone calls (games consoles are for that). Confused? I hope so.

You should take a look at this report if you can get hold of a copy. It may come in handy if targeting Matthews’s age group with your next marketing campaign.

Check out Times Online for further insights.