I am an I.T. Expert – Apparently!

By Banc Digital

2 min read

Working for a Search Marketing Company comes with many (miss) conceptions.

I’m an expert on everything internet or computer related now. This means everything from knowing all about PPC and SEO (which is a given) to being online technical support for any relative or friend that gets a ‘blue screen’ or ‘can’t get the internet on’!

I should apparently embrace social media and use it constantly to spread the word far and wide about my company, my industry and anything I am doing professionally and privately (follow me @birchdude).

I am a bit of a geek. Well I am actually.  We don’t always like to admit it but people who work in search; particularly the PPC and SEO production side are definitely part of the I.T. Crowd. Lock us in a darkened room with a computer and a pizza and we’re in our element.

I am in fact a really big geek. A couple of months ago a friend of mine gave me his copy of BBC Focus magazine. I was excited. Facts about the world. Things that will happen in the future. Gadgets that I must have.  My square glasses steamed up and my Farrah Slacks tightened at the prospect of reading it.

Fast forward to last week and my birthday; my partner had bought me many lovely gifts but it turns out the winner was a subscription to my new favourite geeky magazine. My first copy of my annual subscription was waiting in shiny, silver plastic for me when I returned home from work last night. The joy!

Okay, so why am I mentioning this on Banc Medias blog? Well, having worked in Online for many years and seeing Internet topics in many publications, more and more it seems that any credible publication nowadays contains an online-related news story.

This time there was a full-page article discussing “Should newspapers charge for their content”. I have read many articles and arguments for and against the Paywall. This one was great though, telling me the reach of both online and offline for various publications and putting every side of the argument on the table.

Whether I think it is a good idea to charge for online content I am undecided on. People don’t like paying for online content, simple as that. The Times and The Sunday Times charging £2 a week sounds like a steal when compared to how much it costs to purchase a broadsheet every day for a year – around £300 but people don’t look at it in this way.

Charging for content online may become the norm in the future but I think it is a brave step the Times has taken and I hope it works for them, as the product is fantastic.

Before I go I must share with you that:

  • 47% of mobile phone users don’t know their own partners number.
  • I can become an international spy using the tech that I own at home.
  • I can survive falling into a black hole.
  • Alchemy works! We really can turn lead into gold.

Like I always say, everyday is a school day.

Neil Birchall, Client Services Director