Happy Birthday from Google?!

By Banc Digital

2 min read


Four and a half years ago I set up Banc Media at a time when Google’s domination of the Search Engine landscape was almost at its peak. In some cases, commercial keyword searches were being monopolised by Google to the tune of 90-95% market share and that dominance has actually increased to where a natural saturation has been achieved.

There have been numerous attempts by Microsoft and Yahoo! to combat this monopoly but they have failed, despite the huge marketing power they possess; especially as a partnership.

Well in the last 4.5 years Banc Media hasn’t quite matched the meteoric growth that Google saw from the late 90s, through the noughties until now but we were honoured by the corporate behemoth yesterday in the shape of a Google Doodle…which is only seen when we are logged in to our MCC (My Client Centre). It’s not exactly unique, but it’s nice to see our name in lights!

And what indeed does the next 4.5 years hold for us here at Banc Media? Well growth is certainly on our minds and in our plans. SEO and PPC are here to stay for the foreseeable future, but in very different ways.

Pay Per Click is an advertising platform. You are effectively buying customer eyeballs in the same way you would a newspaper ad, but of course with PPC it is a reversal of intent.  When you place an ad in the Daily Mirror you are saying to the consumer “who would like our product” in the hope that you find a ‘hit’, with no buying intent from the prospect.  Although of course there will be some interested parties if your product matches the demographic.  But with PPC, the intent is much more explicit as someone is looking for something via a keyword search.  “I want x, who can sell it to me”.  It is this intention to purchase that ensures high conversion rates from click to sale.

For Search Engine Optimisation, the future is much less predictable as we all have found out with recent algorithm shifts over the last 18 months. What remains is the marketing channel that sits alongside PPC ads, commonly know as SEO or organic search. The intent from the searcher is the same, the screen ‘real estate’ is the same and the conversion therefore is still high. But how you achieve the same keyword position will continue to adapt and morph and it is up to us as online marketers to adapt with those changes to ensure that our customers receive the very best return on investment.