#GoogleGate: Google Respond to Accidental VoiceMail Recording

By Banc Digital

2 min read

Google AdwordsA recent post by online blogger Martin Macdonald, the director of inbound marketing at Expedia EAN, titled ‘#GoogleGate – Can You Trust Google’ has caused a stir in the internet marketing world.

It highlights a conversation accidently left by a Google AdWords Account Manager on a client’s answering machine. As well as your normal office chitchat, you also potentially gain an insight into the undisclosed incentives that motivate these reps.

On the recording, you can hear the account representative disgruntled that his client upgraded to enhanced campaigns without conversing with him first. He goes on, cursing the fact he’ll have to “pitch call extensions and sitelinks” and that he doesn’t care about “those bridge pages or parked domains” which the client is using.

The response from Google came in a short statement:

“We’ve addressed these issues with our vendor, and the person that was involved was removed from the AdWords team several weeks ago.”

From this statement and the accidental message recording it can possibly be gathered that:

  • The company uses outside contractors to make up some part of its Account Manager team
  • Google has incentivized the reps to sell AdWords services routinely without properly taking into consideration if the client requires them or not
  • The Google policy disallowing ads that promote bridge pages is being ignored by the representative
  • Sales are the main impetus for the reps and not necessarily the well being of the client’s account

The response to Martin Macdonald’s post has resonated with some of its readers; a few have used the blog to voice their own displeasure at Google’s AdWords service. However, others have noted that this may simply be an isolated incident.

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