Google Study The Impact of Mobile Ads

By Banc Digital

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The Smartphone is becoming the phone of choice for millions of people in the UK, with surveys suggesting that a considerable proportion of them rely solely on their mobile device to access the internet.

Using a phone with fast internet connection has become crucial for finding information and staying connected on social media sites. Naturally, businesses are now designing their websites with this in mind, ensuring their landing pages have high-quality mobile compatibility.

Advertisers too have latched onto the fact that more and more people are using their phones on a regular basis to connect to the web. Using Google’s Mobile Ads has become the main approach for companies looking to increase their market visibility and attract potential customers on-the-go.

As a way of compounding this advertising method, Google has constructed a ‘Search Ads Pause’ study to test the effectiveness of Google Ads on mobile devices. The main question they sought out was whether if organic results would be as effective as paid ads if they were paused.

The results were surprisingly overwhelming; 88% of site visitors would not click on the organic listing if the relevant Google Ad had been paused and thus not visible.

The ‘Mobile Search Ads Pause’ study was organised between March 2012 and April 2013, and concentrated on over 300 U.S AdWords accounts. It focussed solely on search terms that bought up an organic listing on the first page. The results were parallel to the 2011 study that tested all devices, not just mobiles phones.

12 key verticals were tested, from pages with content based on automobiles to healthcare to retail. The results were consistently high across the board, meaning that a diverse range of industries rely on paid-for advertisements to direct traffic to their pages.

Mobile advertisements have become imperative to businesses looking to promote their website online; Smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices are playing a much more important role in people’s lives, especially in regards to using the internet.

For businesses, taking advantage of this is becoming a bigger element of online advertising. As the ‘Mobile Search Ads Pause’ study suggests, mobile ads are more effective than general, organic listings on search results pages. This applies to a wide range of different industries also.

Upgrading to AdWords enhanced campaigns makes it easier for advertisers to reach consumers who regularly use mobile devices. Other factors, such as their location and the time of day, are also taken into consideration with the improved campaign facility.

In Other News…

Google has announced some important changes to the Google Shopping product feeds. The changes will improve the quality of listings that appear inside the Shopping results pages, assisting both consumers and merchants alike.

The enforcement of these improvements has already begun, with the intention to be fully effective by September. Businesses that bring up poor-quality, violating offers will be rejected and thus not served through Product Listings Ads.

Countries that will be affected will be the United States, Germany and France as well as the United Kingdom. From September 16th, all accounts in these countries will be subject to these new tighter requirements.

For businesses that use or rely on Google Shopping results then review the unique product identifier requirements  and the latest product feed specifications to ensure you are in line with the new regulations.

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