Google Launch Databoard for Research Insights

By Banc Digital

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For businesses, it is crucial to stay up to date about the latest advertisement trends and market research related to their particular industry. However, some surveys are unreliable and may come from unpredictable sources.

As there are so many new studies taking place from the target audience, it can be hard to keep up and pick out the most relevant ones. To help with this, the Google Databoard for Research Insights has been created to allow for easier analysis of the market.

For some companies, the Google Databoard can help immensely in discovering important information collected by Google. Custom infographics can be modified to suit a company’s requirements and thus data can be collected in an exclusive fashion.

We have put together a gallery of sample infographics from the new tool here:


The Databoard was created as a response to the challenge of amassing vast market research, deciphering it efficiently, and then applying it to the relevant areas. They have targeted three areas that the Databoard has enhanced. These are:

  1. The ease of consumption: Information is presented in a simple and eye-pleasing manner, relieving the stress of sifting through masses of stats, numbers, percentages and trends. Specific areas of data can be selected, whilst entire studies can also show a wider average of results. Furthermore, the Databoard is also compatible with mobile devices and can be used with Smartphones, Androids, tablets as well as computers.
  2. Sharing with associates. Many businesses will want to share interesting information found from a survey. This can be with an associate business to progress an advertising campaign in a certain direction, or to help push a sale with a potential client. Whatever used for, the Databoard allows for easier ‘shareability’ with others, through email or via social networking sites.
  3. Cohesiveness. Research surveys are usually designed to pinpoint a particular area or a specific question. For example: ‘how often do you use a certain app on your Smartphone?’ or ‘do you keep up to date with new apps for your Smartphone?’ Although, these questions aren’t the same, they are in the same area and can be both selected to create a personal infographic with Databoard. Doing this is quick and easy, and can give a cohesive picture of numerous studies in the form of graphs and data points.

Four research studies are included in the Databoard, which give it a more objective and diverse set of questions to examine.

These groups are:

  • The New Multi-screen World
  • Mobile In-Store Shopper Research
  • Mobile Search Moments
  • Our Mobile Planet

You can visit the Think with Google databoard site here.

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