Google Infographic: Text Ads vs Product Listing Ads



A recent study by conducted by Google and Millward Brown Digital suggests that Product Listing Ads are more effective than isolated text ads.

These PLA’s show photos of products alongside the text, giving consumers visual verification of what they are searching for.

Prices and specific product names are also shown with PLA’s, something that also appeals to shoppers.

As the internet is overtaking the high street for our shopping needs, standing out from rival companies is becoming increasingly difficult.

Implementing Product Listing Adverts alongside regular text ads is a fantastic way to be spotted in a crowded online market.

To back this theory up, results from a Google survey concluded that PLA’s can:

  • Increase advert efficiency. Shoppers are 90% more likely to visit a retailer’s website, and 83% more likely to buy, when they see a PLA combined with a text ad on search results pages.
  • Increase brand exposure. Users will also go on to search for a particular brand after viewing a PLA. An increase of 75% of shoppers will do this within 30 days of seeing the ad.
  • Increase familiarity with your store. The positive connection PLA’s provide mean that customers are more likely to visit your site and the product page in particular. Shoppers are 20% more likely to click on your store locator button also.

The research by Google concentrated on technology shoppers more than any other demographic, although the positive results can be transmitted across other sections too.

Large clothes retailers came off well from the study, with a 42% increase of users likely to visit a product page with PLA’s rather than text ads alone. A massive 70% more people clicked on the store locator button also in regards to these companies, suggesting that business on the high street will also improve.

A case study carried out by the retailer Nine West showed that their conversion rate rose by 8% and revenues by 14% with PLA marketing campaign on Google.

This of course suggests that the increased exposure supplied by the PLA’s also bought sale conversions. Similar results were evident with the mobile conversion rate also.

Although results are by no means guaranteed, combining Product Listing Adverts with basic text ads are more likely to have a positive effect on brand exposure and sale conversions.

Like all online adverts, they do require careful consideration to be effective but are definitely worth looking into for both small and big businesses in any industry.

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