Google becomes mobile friendly

By Banc Digital

2 min read

It is arguably a little strange that, despite all the technology in the world, if you look at some company’s paid ads on your phone you still have to face the cumbersome task of writing their contact number down so you can enter it manually.

Now Google has made sure that this will no longer be the case, and every phone number you encounter in the paid ads section will be clickable.

Some companies have been applying call extensions for a while, a move which Google has always approved of. Organisations display their phone number at the top of their advert, and users can quickly and easily contact them directly with any queries they may have.

Even then, there may still be other numbers in the main advert text that have not had a call extensions manually added, and these, along will all the numbers included in the adverts of companies that are not using call extensions, will now become clickable.

Previously, Pay Per Click advertisers who set up manual call extensions would receive detailed feedback on them which would help inform their marketing decisions, i.e. if the link resulted in many calls, it was clearly a good way to go with future ad campaigns.

Now, clicks on all numbers present in the ad text itself will be charged at same rate as a click to your website, and companies can set their Google Adwords reports by click type to get an accurate feel for who is clicking what and how often on their advert.

But Google highly recommends creating your own call extension rather than simply including your business number in the main text body. This will not only free up another line in the main text of your advert, but will also allow you to use other features such as vanity numbers, call-only creatives and call metrics reporting.